Educational Philosophy

Our Approach to Education
We believe education begins at birth

mildred-teaching-bannerChildren’s brains develop most rapidly between birth and age five, thus these are the most important years of growth, development, and learning. This period builds the foundation for life-long learning and achievement.

Our program is based on a wide range of the best, research-backed early education practices designed to ensure school readiness and provide a strong educational foundation. We believe learning is fun and that children learn best through hands-on play and active participation. These beliefs guide us in creating our warm, supportive and engaging learning environments. It is essential to us that your child feels safe, secure, and loved.

We emphasize partnerships with our families and honor the role of parents as their children’s first and best teacher. The cultural diversity of our community enriches our program.

We recognize and respect the uniqueness and potential of each child and tailor our program to the needs and interests of each individual at his or her own developmental level. We see children as competent individuals who are naturally curious and continuous learners.

Our teachers provide the opportunity for discovery and learning; encourage active exploration and investigation; promote questioning; and guide and facilitate growth and development. We believe children have multiple ways of demonstrating their intelligence.

We believe observation, documentation, and assessment should be daily, on-going and reflective of children’s experiences.

We do these things not because we are required to do so by the State (or by other accrediting and licensing agencies), but because we believe this is what is best for children. In most instances, we exceed and go beyond the guidelines and requirements put forth by these agencies.

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