Family and community partnerships
Extending learning from school to home and from home to school

community-bannerFamily and community partnerships are another key component of our program. We foster respect for each unique family and use practices that are supportive of families. These partnerships are built upon and strengthened by open, honest, and ongoing communication.

Our teachers provide parents with information about what happened during school hours each day. They want to share each child’s experiences, joys, and accomplishments with families. Parent-teacher conferences are held upon request. We are committed to extending learning from school to home and from home to school.

We also offer many ways for families to stay involved and encourage participation as volunteers and/or observers. Parents and other family members are welcome at our school any time and can be seen here daily.

Our program includes regular family workshops on a variety of relevant subjects including the components of our curriculum, what to expect in the first year of life, preparing for Kindergarten, and Conscious Discipline. Please log in to the Current Families page for upcoming sessions and topics.

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