Growth for all stages

yoga-bannerWe are dedicated to using developmentally appropriate practices in a warm, loving and safe environment. Our play-based curriculum provides for growth in all developmental domains and uses materials, activities, and guidance to enhance children’s cognitive, language, social-emotional, creative, and physical development. We integrate additional key content areas including literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, health and safety and the arts. Children are encouraged to express themselves in a wide variety of ways including music, painting, drama, song, movement, and play. We help children become independent thinkers, problem solvers, and skilled communicators. Our teachers model respectful, effective communication as well as kindness, acceptance, and consideration for others.

It is important to note that the majority of Kindergarten teachers say social-emotional skills (such as the ability to focus on a task, persistence, impulse control, and cooperation with peers) are the most crucial skills for successful kindergarteners.

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Early childhood
Basic requirements for a high-quality early childhood program include:
  • Small class sizes and excellent staff/child ratios
  • Highly qualified staff provided with on-going professional development opportunities
  • A dedicated and highly involved leadership team
  • A nurturing, safe and engaging learning environment
  • The use of research-backed practices
  • Reflective supervision and practice
  • An enhanced focus on language and literacy as well as on problem solving and numeracy
  • A strong emphasis on social and emotional development
  • Integration of the arts
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Play & Learn
Learning should be joyful and fun
1.Our program reflects our belief that children learn best through creative, natural play and hands-on experience.
2.Children should use all of their senses: touching, moving, listening, seeing, smelling, and tasting. 
3.Our trained, experienced staff provides nurturance, guidance, activities and experiences designed to enhance children’s total development and learning.
Lifelong learning
  • Weekly yoga
  • Daily or weekly individualized instruction and skill-building
  • Weekly creative Soccer classes
  • Daily or weekly sensory integration work
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