Steam Based Curriculum

Steam based curriculum is in line with how our future children should grow to become successful. In fact, STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. While these subjects hold very strong importance, the most important things about STEAM is it helps develop critical thinking in children, how to solve problems, to develop an appreciation for art. This system of education encourages children to explore, ask questions and become conceptually sound.


ACJS is a unique combination school which is probably too good to believe in.

  • We strive to provide an environment for children to grow cognitively, socially, emotionally, and physically.
  • Our program lays a foundation for a lifetime of passionate learning.
  • We emphasize on STEAM-based curriculum in our child care center, Kirkland WA
  • Our school provides balanced nutrition and hot meals for all children
  • We are licensed in Kirkland, we go from infant to kindergarten ready, all day care
  • Our teachers work at the pace of an individual child.
  • We foster teamwork and leadership skills in our students. They are young adults who are encouraged to make their own choices.

Absorbent Mind

The “absorbent mind” is a Montessori theory which refers to the mind’s capacity to take in information and sensations from the world that surrounds it.

Young children are a testament to the mind’s awesome ability to absorb. A baby is born without language and with few skills other than their survival instinct. From birth to three years they use their senses (hands, eyes, ears, nose, and tongue) to soak in everything that surrounds them. The child does this naturally, and without thought or choice. Maria Montessori referred to this period as the ‘unconscious creation’.

The information that the child unconsciously absorbs from his surroundings in the early years is used to construct and create himself. Within a few short years a child is walking, talking, and able to feed himself. It is this awesome ability to absorb information that allows children to acquire the language, physical skills (walking, control of his hands), and control over his bodily functions that are necessary for future independence.

Around the age of three years, the child moves from the state of the unconscious absorbent mind, to the state of the conscious absorbent mind. It is during this conscious state of mind that the child begins to intentionally direct and focus his attention on experiences that will develop that which was created during the first three years.

The fundamental task of the child during this phase of conscious absorption (3-6 years) is intellectual development and freedom. His mind compels him to sort through, order, and make sense of the information he unconsciously absorbed. It is through this order of his intelligence that the child gains the freedom to move purposely, to concentrate, and to choose his own direction.

“The ‘absorbent mind’ welcomes everything, puts its hope in everything, accepts poverty equally with wealth, adopts any religion and the prejudices and habits of its countrymen, incarnating all in itself. This is the child!” Maria Montessori


At ACJS, we believe that it is important to have parent’s involvement in the early development of children at our Kirkland location. Thus we make extensive use of Tadpoles. Using this software, we let the parents know about the child’s activities during the day at the child center. The photos and videos which are sent by the teachers help make the conversation point between the families. It gives a strong insight into the child’s daycare at the child center. Not only that, these updates are private and secure. All of our parents and the registered extended family members could get access to these communications. We could send across emergency alerts and you could view your child’s portfolio.