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Food and Nutrition at Kirkland Montessori

Good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. These habits are cultivated early and we help your child develop these habits. At ACJS, we provided hot, healthy, balanced meals for all children keeping in mind different allergies children could have.  We have an in house kitchen which is stocked continually

We prepare almost everything fresh and onsite daily

Our talented chef creates meals and food that is elevated and elegant. Our children are exposed to a wide variety of tasty and healthy foods. We prepare almost everything fresh and on-site daily, including soup stocks and sauces. We are committed to using local, organic, humane produce and meats whenever possible with a commitment to increasing these options as we foster new and exciting relationships with local purveyors. We support local farms and have a goal that the majority of our food comes from within 50 miles of our school by 2015. For us, this is a life choice, not just a fad.

Parents can rest assured that each meal is carefully planned to ensure that children’s nutritional requirements are always met.

Another goal at our school is to create gardens on site where we grow some of our food. We are excited to be able to show our children where food comes from and engage them in learning about the process. Children will have hands-on experience with the planting, upkeep, and harvesting of our produce as well as tasting and preparing these foods. We teach and encourage healthy food choices and emphasize the joy of eating. Our chef is always looking for new ways to involve children and teach them about food and nutrition.